Pavol Metelka

After finishing elementary school I had to decide where to go next and which direction to take in life. The spa town Piešťany where I am from had an abundance of schools to choose from. As I come from a wine-making family, my soul whispered into my ear that the Hotel Academy of Ľudovít Winter will give me much more than other schools; that proved to be the case in time through opportunities to work in hotels or restaurants abroad which I was attracted to with all my heart, and subsequently through my studies at a hotel school in Switzerland, learning from top masters in the industry, both about the attractive work of a sommelier as well as dining and gastronomy as such. There my desire for continuous improvement turned into an incredible and still fulfilling hobby.

I quickly discovered how the highest professional standard of my hobby, which has also become my little dream, is called: ‘Michelin Star’.

I worked in nine European countries, gaining experience from the best to make it to elite service in this fine dining restaurant, and I always followed this slogan: “Quality is to work honestly even if nobody’s watching” which was pushing me ahead in the eyes and hearts of my managers.

P.S.: So I am living my dream!

My motto: “Today I am upholding my standards!”. As standard for me is top service for others.