Lunch menu

Dear Guests,

Welcome to the Alcron where you can indulge your culinary fantasies by creating your own personal multi-course lunch from our a 'la carte selection. While you can create your entire menu upfront, we highly recommend that you order few courses at a time and let your tastes develop and guide you in selecting your next course.

Menu prices

3-course menu – CZK 1400 | wine pairing - CZK 1000

4-course menu – CZK 1600 | wine pairing - CZK 1200

5-course menu – CZK 1800 | wine pairing - CZK 1400

Cold dishes

Catfish ceviche

elderflower, grapes, Cantaloupe melon


Tuna Sashimi

yellow daikon, wasabi, cashew nuts



Feta cheese, potato flan, basil


Veal sirloin and sweetbread

capers, Bonito tuna flakes


Hot dishes

Oxtail consommé

morel mushroom


Chanterelle mushroom soup

leg and liver of rabbit, lovage



egg barley, curry, coriander



snail, okra, Tasmanian pepper



green asparagus, barley, tarragon


Pork belly cannelloni

pointed white cabbage, celeriac


Rump of beef

grenaille potatoes, corn, fava beans



currants, polenta, beetroot


Dessert and Cheese


rum, honey, curry ice-cream


Cold and hot textures of Valrhona chocolate


Selection of cheeses

with condiments, pecan bread